Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


How thankful am I for great girlfriends? I was able to spend last weekend in Nashville, TN with 3 of my very favorite people in the world, my girlfriends from college. It is kinda scary how much we know about each other and how time never seems as if it has passed once we get together. We all got in late Thursday night to begin the weekend on Friday and we were up until almost 3 in the morning chating and catching up. Lindsay, who lives in Nashville, took us to some cool dives and in town for some Honky Tonk fun. Highlights from the weekend:

1) The Pancake Pantry/ a must for those of you who love to endulge in some down home carbs for breakfast. Yummm

2) Shopping for maternity clothes for Lindsay-I think we were in Mimi Maternity for 2 hours+ making her try on everthing in the store.

3) Going to get pedicures

4) Mexican night topped off with a pitcher of Margaritas!

5) Lunch at the Pineapple Room /check out the Cheekwood museum while you are there

6) My favorite - Tootsies, a good ol honky tonk bar in downtown Nashville right behind Ryman auditorium.

Thanks for a great weekend girls. I love you!