Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Old MacHayley Had a Farm

In our house we have something called "Self-Time". You can call "self time" really anytime of the day. It is usually called by me when I can tell that everyone needs a little playtime on their own or when Mommy needs some quite time!

During "self-time", everyone picks a place to play or just be by themselves. No one can barge in and bother you or mess with your toys or the game you are playing. I mean, really, who doesn't like a little time to yourself!??

Last week I found Hayley quietly playing in the playroom during self-time. She had created her very own farm. Since she had been in the room for over an hour by herself, I asked it I could have a tour of her farm. Here is what I discovered on my tour:

Gone are the days of overalls and plaid shirts, my farming friends. A dress and hot pink mules are what you need for some good down on the farm work.

This is SuzyAnne, the farmers daughter. Eating her breakfast getting ready for a day of chores.

I didn't know the ins and outs of turtle farming until this day. Apparently they will only eat pepperoni and peppers served on flower shaped plates. Who knew?

Here on Hayley's farm, dogs and cats sleep together and are the best of friends.

The bunnies must be watched at all times for they like to get out and bother the dogs and cats. Silly, pesky bunnies.

Here we have the horse stable and the stable worker, Barbie. She is so dedicated to her job that she even sleeps with the horses.

Every farm has a good working kitchen to feed all the folks that work there.

Tonight for supper, fish stew!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It ALWAYS Happens

As Marine family, our life consists of Chris being on the go! Whether it is training, deployment, or teaching, life with the Marine Corps means Daddy is not home a good bit of the time. Don't get me wrong, this duty station has been fabulous! Chris has been home for 2 years as far as long term deployments go. The longest he has been gone over the past two years is for a 2 and half week trip to do some training with the Georgian Army (not the state, the country).

Well, this week he is out on a ship training a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). There is no contact with him while he is on ship. And really no way to get off the ship until they send a helicopter to get him or go to shore. Well, I have come to expect the unexpected while he is away. Whether it is a main drain backing up and flooding the whole basement, or two mice eating everything in our pantry, or a hurricane blowing through town and busting our fence, you get the point. The children ALWAYS get sick while he is gone too. This trip has been no different.

My sweet Hannah Beth seemed fussier than usual on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and woke up with severe congestion. AHHHH! I pulled out the humidifier, suctioned her nose 10 times a day, and plugged in the Gentle Vapors night light. She is such a trooper and still her happy self with an awful cough and runny nose.

Well, lets go to 2:30am Friday morning. I could hear on the monitor she was restless, so I went in to check on her. She was hot and her breathing was labored. I turned on the shower and tried sitting with her in the steam for about 5 to 10 minutes. Her breathing had not changed at all. So I made the decision to get Luke and Hayley up and go to the emergency room. We spent the next 3 hours at the ER while Hannah received a breathing treatment, chest xrays, and a diagnosis of double ear infection and bronchiolitis. They sent us home with a prescription for Albuterol to give her breathing treatments as needed and an antibiotic. We got home at 6:00am and I sent Hayley and Luke back to bed. Hannah was wheezing again so I gave her a breathing treatment. Still wheezing. I called the ER doctor and told her what was going on and she said to give another breathing treatment and if she doesn't improve then go the Children's Hospital in Norfolk. After one more breathing treatment, there was still no improvement.

I called my sweet neighbor and dear friend, Sue, and she graciously took Luke and Hayley in while I went to CHKD with Hannah. Note to self: when you have been up since 2am and had nothing to eat or drink, make SURE you take a snack and some water with you to the ER.

I checked Hannah in at the ER, and I started getting the most awful headache. Once they got us back to a room, my head was pounding. I finally broke down and asked the nurse for some water and crackers, but I was so far gone it didn't really help. Hannah was crying and I felt like I was going to pass out from the nausea! I began to pray that God would sustain me. God is SO good. He held me up to be able to care for Hannah. There is NO WAY I could have done it myself with the way I was feeling.

The doctors made sure that Hannah was getting enough oxygen while she was breathing, listened to her several times, and did a deep suction out of her nose. At 1:30pm, they sent us home with the same diagnosis and told me to keep giving her the meds and just to watch her closely.

We were all in the bed by 6:30 last night and I fell asleep at 7:45. I checked on Hannah several times in the night, and she was sleeping well. She woke up this morning fever free and looking much better. After breakfast and a breathing treatment, she coughed up a bunch of junk and seems to be on the mend! Praise the LORD!

I am so thankful for Sue, the ER doctors, and my sweet children who didn't complain one time when I had to pull them out of bed in the middle of the night. God was watching over me and taking care of me the whole time. Praise Him!!!!!

Now, what a "fun" story to tell Daddy when he gets home tonight!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twins Separated by 6 Years

7 Years Ago....

...we brought home a sweet 6 pound 6 ounce, 19 inch long, baby boy. Oh, I learned so many things the first year of your little life, Luke. Like how to survive on 2 hours of sleep each night for a week, how to deal with silent reflux, how to swaddle, how to change a diaper while you are in motion, how to kiss a boo boo just right, and how it feels to be called Mama!

I began a lifelong journey into this thing called Motherhood. It brought a new element to love that I had never known. Love that brings you to tears and takes your breath away.

How blessed I am to call you my son, sweet Luke. You are kind, joyful, tenderhearted, oh so active, and a little man after God's own heart. I love you so much! Happy 7th Birthday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just So You Know....

I posted so many things in one day, you will have to click on Older Posts at the bottom to catch up on all of our summer adventures so far. Love reading all of your adventures!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 Months Old

My sweet 8 month old Hannah! sure has gone fast. You are starting to show us your little personality more and more. You are still very content most of the time making sure to tell us if you are tired or hungry. You love to let us know you are here and "talk" to us (more screeching than talking). You are starting to make lala dada sounds and love to play with your tongue. I wonder if you will talk as soon as your sister.

You still love your bottle. You're starting to tolerate baby food better, but still not thrilled with food. You like pears, apples and bananas best and are starting to take a little water from a sippy cup.

You grab hold of anything you can get your hands on and put it straight in your mouth. You especially love to pull hair.

Poor baby had an ear infection the entire time we were on vacation. You were such a trooper and still acted like your happy self most of the time. The only way I knew something was wrong was because you kept waking at night for hours at a time which is not like you at all. You nap 2 to 3 times a day for an hour to and hour and a half each time. At night you are sleeping from 6:30 at night to about 6:30 in the morning (when you aren't sick). I have found you sleeping on your tummy a few times this past week, but you get mad when you wake and find yourself lying that way.

You are sitting so well and just play with all the toys around you. You especially love the little yellow ring that you have in your mouth in every picture. We have to watch you carefully while you sit because you still throw yourself backward sometimes. You roll over sometimes, but really DO NOT like being your tummy. Mostly you just roll from side to side to get to toys while you lying down. I love that you are content to just sit for now. You are alot like your brother in that respect.

You love to lay your head on my chest while I rock and sing to you before bed. I could sit that way for hours with you. I love it. You look up at me and just listen to each word melting my heart.
Love you so much, Hannah Beth.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fripp Island

Posing with the new President of the Georgia Municipal Assiociation, Big Daddy!

First try on the boogie board

He loved it!!!!! And he spent a few hours riding the waves.

Hayley gave it a try! She loved it too.

Her one day on the beach. Poor girl was on week 3 with an ear infection.

Hayley's new found friend

Lighthouse at Hunting Island

One of our many stops for ice cream!

Renzy playing his "manly" DS

Luke playing his "manly" DS

Playing pick up sticks. It got very heated.....

This year was the 4th annual beach trip with the Steele side of the family. Our very first time to Fripp Island, SC and we loved it. I wish we could have stayed longer. What a blessing to have everyone together. The cousins all just love one another and play so well. The beach was perfect, the pool was fun, the playgroud was cool, and the company was fantastic.