Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Month Down

So it has been a little over a month, but this is the first chance I am getting to sit down and write about it.  The first month of deployment always seems to be the slowest (except for the last one when you are waiting for him to get home).  I am pleased to say that this time our first month flew by us.  What a blessing that all of our school and sport activities started in September. 
So here's a quick recap of the months activities. 
Hannah and two of her best buds headed to Story Time at the base library the first Friday of the month. 
Hannah also seems to spend a lot of time waiting on her big brother and sister.  Here she is at the orthodontist office waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

School has been off to a great start so far this year.  I just love all the activities our curriculum has to teach different concepts.  Here is Luke learning what happens when it rains the Rocky Mountains, also known as the Continental Divide.
Hannah coloring a picture for Chris

Mimi and Papa came for a visit in September too(more on that in the next post).  Luke and Papa ready for lunch at BJ's

Cute rabbit camped outside of Chilis

Hannah's first ballet class.  She was super excited and loved every minute of it!

Hayley is taking a ballet/jazz combo class.  This girl has got some moves.  Love that they are able to take dance at our co-op this year.

Luke started a new soccer season.  His team is the Wolverines.  Because he turned 10 in the summer, he is playing in the U14 league.  So far, it has been an incredible experience for him. 
Won one game, tied 2 and lost one.

Hannah showing me that she was not too happy that I didn't allow her to go down the hill and climb trees during her brother's soccer game. Sometimes it is really tough to be a 3 year old.

 Lunch at the Pit Stop

Papa hung some lights for us out on our back porch.  Love them!!!

Headed to our first day of co-op.  We are so very blessed to have found our cooperative CFS (Christian Family Schools) Carlsbad.  I will have to write about what we do there at later date.

Someone sneaking candy...

Had to call the fire department one night while I was cooking dinner.  Not from a fire, but our carbon monoxide detectors went off.  Trucks came with their sirens blaring and we got the all clear.  The kids loved seeing the fire truck and the firemen were so kind.

Playing a new board game from our sweet cousins.  Life. 

To celebrate one month down, we took a trip to Chick-fil-a for milkshakes and decided that it would be our monthly tradition.  And of course, we will take Daddy for milkshakes as soon as he gets home. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Heart for Horses

Hayley has talked about riding horses since she was about 4.  She always wanted to go on any pony ride at Fall Festivals or carnivals.  We have read book after book about horses.  She has posters of horses on her wall. 
Chris and I told her that once she turned 8, if she still had and interest in riding we would see about lessons. 
When we moved to CA, our neighborhood on base is literally a stones throw from the base stables.  We drive by them every time we leave the neighborhood.  And baby girl turned 8 this summer.  She couldn't wait to begin lessons.  It was meant to be.
Hayley is a very happy child, but the look of pure joy on her face once she hopped on that horse for the first time was absolutely priceless.  She has found her love and it makes me so happy.

By her second lesson, she had mastered a posting trot and was trotting around the arena like an old pro.  I think something very special has begun. 

New School Year

Back to school came at just the perfect time for us this year.  We started the Monday after Chris's left, and having the routine to jump into was just exactly what we needed.  First day pictures are a must.  Luke and Hayley were all smiles and excited to begin, but nothing could top Hannah.  She was just so thrilled to be starting "Preschool" that she told just about everyone we met. 


We have added several things into our school days this year.  Luke is trying a new math program that is done completely on the computer.  So far, he is loving the independence and doing very well.  Hoping for the trend to continue.  Our main curriculum is the same, Heart of Dakota!  We just love it.  Luke and Hayley are finishing the 2nd half of Bigger Hearts for His Glory and Hannah is working in Little Hands to Heaven. 
Luke and Hayley are both taking piano this year.  We started lessons this summer and have kept them going every Wednesday morning during school.  They love going and we just adore their teacher.   Hannah and I use the time they are at lessons to do a little learning too.

We are involved in the same co-op that we were in last year, but we will be there for a full day each week.  I am going to be teaching a children's Bible Study for grades 2nd to 4th.  I am so excited about the class.  All 3 kiddos are taking courses to include Bible art, Bible Study, Excellence in Writing,  Ballet for the girls, choir, preschool for Hannah, and Math games for Luke.
Can't wait to watch them learn and grow this year.