Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sweet 16

My niece, Anna, came in town for her 16th birthday this past week.  We had an absolutely amazing time.  The kids were beyond thrilled to have Anna here with us.  You can tell they were just a tad excited to pick her up at the airport.
Art class had never been this fun!
Of course, we had to take her to Legoland while she was here.
One evening, I was able to take her out to dinner just the two of us.  I could kick myself for not getting a picture.  We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, talked and talked, and then did a little shopping at the outlets.  Super fun girl time.
Chris took them on a hike the last full day Anna was here. 

So hard to believe that Anna just turned 16.  I remember meeting her for the first time when she was newborn. Kim and Scott brought her up to North Georgia to see Uncle Chris. So tiny and sweet, she slept the whole time wearing her precious overalls just for Chris :)
 She is an amazing young woman with a heart for Jesus.  My girls just adore her (as well as Luke).  What a great role model she is for my girls.  We just love Anna too pieces and will never forget this very special visit with her.

My Boy

Nine years and three months to the day today.  I didn't get the chance to do my typical bday post about my sweet guy due to about 143 boxes in my house and no Internet connection.  I didn't want to let this precious time in his life go by without me taking some notes so I figure today would be a good day to write.  It is actually overcast, misty, and cool outside.  I love a good rainy day.

Luke, you are such an amazing little man.  You are kind, brave, smart, and such a hard worker.  I love how you want to make everyone laugh and are always busy coming up with some joke or crazy skit or surprise to brighten everyday.  Your favorites right now are:
Books, books, books
any kind historical info you can get your hands on
the Bible
riding your bike or scooter
playing flag football
visiting Legoland
playing with your sisters
boardgames (especially Sorry and Monopoly Jr)
seeing how high you can go and jump out of the swing
shooting archery
running and hiking with Daddy
a good funny movie (The Muppets is your favorite right now)
You impress me daily with how well you handle such big changes in your life.  Having to move away from your close friends 2 years in a row is tough, but you hold your head up and happily go out to meet new people.  5 houses in your 9 years.  Wow! 
You are growing so fast, but I am so thankful to be your mom and teacher everyday.  Your love for Jesus and sharing your faith is something you talk about daily.  You tell me, "Mom, I think I will either be a missionary or an astronaut.  You would be excellent at both. 
I love you, Buddy.
Stay strong :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Pickin

Our first field trip this year was out to Julian, CA to pick apples.  We teamed up with Smith Academy and Estes Academy (aka the Smith family and Estes family) and worked on apple lapbooks before and after our trip to the orchard. 
This picture just about sums up our 3.  We were a little excited. 

The owner of Raven Hills Orchards was a bit of a riot.  Irish (I believe from the accent), looked a tad like Mel Gibson, and so very very passionate about apples!  He gave a nice little lesson about the life cycle of the orchard and then let us loose.  There were golden delicious, empire, jonathan, and fuji apples to choose from as you strolled down the isles. 

Taste test was required