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Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fort Thomas

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Many hours were logged in playing on Fort Thomas while in GA.  Hannah must have climbed this ladder 1,000 times or more.

Mastering our hula-hoop skills...

I love this picture of my twins separated by 2 years!

Hannah was not as cooperative when it came to posing for pictures.  Here is Papa doing some toddler wrangling.

Notice how cooperative she is!

My favorite 3 shots of my favorite 3 little people.

Berry Sweet

One of our favorite Spring time activities is picking strawberries. 
We picked a beautiful but very cold morning to go and pick strawberries with Mimi and Papa.  We had enough berries to eat for weeks!  And we may have snuck a few bites in while we were picking.
So sweet and yummy.

Go Knights!

Luke and I had the chance to go and see Uncle Philip's state ranked (#2) soccer team play one of their regular season games.   The team was very impressive to say the least.  Luke was so into the game.  He especially loved the "prep"band that played during the game. 
The Knights won 6-0! 

Oh, and Aunt Ansley came up to the game for a bit with Delany. I love any chance I get to kiss her sweet cheeks. 

You've Got a Friend in Me

We had such a wonderful visit with family over Spring Break.  While we were at Mimi and Papa's house, we spent about 90% of our time out on their new screened-in porch.  It is so heavenly to sit outside and not have to worry about the bugs! 
  Hayley loves their dog, Maggie, and made fast friends again by sharing her strawberries with her while we were having one of many afternoon snack out on the porch.

Such a beauty.  And looking so big.  Sigh.

Telling Maggie that she didn't have any strawberries left.

Easter Sunday

Yes, I'm a little behind.  I've been trying to get things back in order after our 2 week spring break to GA.  We left the day after Easter, so I will be playing catch up on the blog for the next week or so.

Easter Sunday was not a usual one.  We ended up celebrating at home due to another major asthma flare up with Little Miss.  I spent the Saturday before Easter at the ER with her.  After another round of steroids, antibiotic, and more breathing treatments, she was doing so much better and her breathing was  under control.   Praise the Lord!
Since I didn't want to split up and half go to church and half stay home, we had our own Easter devotional and Easter Egg hunt. 

It was a great day celebrating our Risen Lord, Jesus.