Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Shots on the Phone

Some pictures that I found on my phone that MUST be a part of our book!
Cutest spy at our VBS this summer

Hannah and less than half of the Smith kiddos

 Hayley's adorable haircut!  LOVE!

My crew that I took to VBS every night.  What a blast.  And our Hannah prayed for Jesus to be her Savior!  My heart is full!  I can't wait to see where the Lord will take her in life.  I know He has big plans for her super big personality.

Seriously. Can't stand the cuteness

One two THREE!!!!  
Hannah and Micah jumped in together at least 100 times this day. 

Pool rats.  Everyday for hours.  You can find us at the pool  

Happy 11th Luke!!

 This child has loved to jump ever since he could pull to a stand.  He used to jump so high in his crib I had nightmares of him flipping himself out of the bed.  No surprise that he would pick Get Air to celebrate his birthday with his friends. We had such a blast and everyone slept very well that night!

Jack and Luke pausing for a quick picture

The 3 Amigos 

Most hilarious thing I have ever seen!  This little capsule simulated hurricane force winds.  Looks like they are enjoying every minute of it!

I know that I say the same thing every year, but this one truly flew by us.  In some ways that is good because Chris was gone for 3/4 of it.  On the other hand, my heart aches sometimes wishing I could just freeze time.  But God shows me time and time again just what a blessing each season can be for our family.
This boy of mine is such a blast at age 11.  He is funny, smart, so inquisitive, loves history, loves reading, loves his family, loves Legos (still), and loves anything that gets him outside.  
I love our conversations at bedtime and hearing how his day has gone or howling with laughter at his jokes and antics.  
Being your Mom is one of the greatest joy of my life.  
Happy Birthday to our young man.  We love you so much Luke Thomas Steele.

Miracles DO Happen

Hannah is officially a swimmer!  Last year she was not ready. She cried the first two days of lessons so we finally quit and decided to try again the next year.  What a difference a year makes.  She loved her instructor Miss Erin.  These pictures are of her first session of lessons when she finally decided it was ok to get her face wet.  Now, after her 2nd session, she is full on under the water swimming.  So so proud of how far she has come and that she was able to get over her fear.  

Luke and Hayley completed the last level of swim stoke clinic with flying colors.  They swam over 600 yards the last day and treaded water for 3 minutes.  Both of them have decided to try the year round swim team here on Camp Pendleton that starts up in September.  
Their instructor was the same guy from last year, Coach Ryan, and he was so super fun.  
Awesome job Luke and Hayley!