Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Traditions or Lack There Of

Military life is a funny thing.  Your traditions are only traditions for 2 to 3 years (sometimes less).  And then you move somewhere new and different and even though you still have traditions, they are altered a bit.  We never see the same 4th of July parade.  Our kids don't know what an annual trip to wherever is because in a few years that trip is to some place they have never been before. 
But what we do have is an amazing since of closeness in our little family of 5 because really we are the only thing that is the same each time we move.  Being away from family is not easy.  We miss our parents, siblings, and nieces and nephew terribly.  We Facetime and Skype often and can't wait for the days when they come for a visit.  But I have to say that some of our military friends have become apart of our "family" over the years and I feel so blessed to have all of them be apart of our lives.
So I guess our tradition for each holiday is making the best of our new places and friends and hopefully, God willing, to cross paths with old ones.
We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving with some of our oldest military friends.  We knew each other when we were just newly married young couples starting out at our first duty station in Hawaii.
And now...
there are 13 of us when we get together.
We started out this month with a thankful tree and added leaves each day of things that we are thankful for this year.
Family and friends top the list...

Our Thanksgiving morning was spent watching the Macy's Parade in our jammies.  My idea of perfection.
Our sweet girls. 
Luke coming up with his strategy for a game of Stratego with Chris.

The Smiths

The Steeles

Double trouble!!  Love these boys.  They are anything but trouble.


Now these two have trouble written all over them.

It had been over 10 years since we had Thanksgiving together and I loved that our tradition could be  repeated again this year.  A tad different from our couples trip to the Big Island in Hawaii, but just as much fun. 
Here is to new and old traditions. 

Jules Goes to CA

One of my BFFs from college came for a visit this month.  We had such a good time.  We played and played and played some more. 
First stop was Ruby's, a local diner that is to die for!! 

Day 2 we made our way to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

Ummm. Yeah. That's a cheetah.  So cool.


Day 3 of course, the beach!  Beautiful November morning.

Thanks for coming to see us, Jules!!  We hope that you will come again real soon.

USMC Ball at the Disneyland Hotel

When I found out that the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was going to be held at the Disneyland Hotel, I was beyond excited.  I'm a little bit of a Disney fanatic.  Our "family" away from home, Kelly and Mike and their crew had the kiddos over for a sleepover and Chris and I were off for the evening.
The hotel was so great.  Because we were V.I.P. they had someone from the hotel walk us to our room and check us in.  We had an amazing view of the pool and one of the hotel towers.

Here we are ready to head to dinner. I just love to see my man in his Blues.  So handsome.   Did I mention we had to sit at the head table yes, the table in the front of the ballroom of over 1,200 Marines and their dates.  Gulp.  And I had to sit by myself during the ceremony because Chris was head of the program. Double gulp. 

We were able to walk through Downtown Disney the next morning and have a nice breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe.  I felt a tad guilty enjoying Disney with out the kids, but I loved the time that I was able to spend with just Chris. 
We did spot the Lego Store and took this picture for Luke, our resident Lego Maniac!!!

When we came in from the ball we found this plate and note waiting for us.  Disney just knows how to do things right!

Our headboard was this awesome carving of Sleeping Beauty's castle.  When you turned out the lights, the headboard had lights that looked like fireworks in it and it played music.  Loved it!

Can't wait to take the kids VERY soon!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HB Turns 3!!!

3 years have absolutely flown by before I could even blink.  I remember the 3 quiet days that Chris and I spent in the hospital with our new baby girl while the storm shut down the entire Hampton Roads area.  Due to flooding, we could not leave and had no visitors.  I cherish memory of those first few days with our 3rd baby. 
The look on Luke and Hayley's faces when we brought her home are burned into my brain forever.  They were both in awe of her.  So tiny and sweet.  They couldn't wait to hold her.  The best big brother and sister ever.
Fast forward and here we are 3 years later...
No more baby here at the Steele house.  We have a spunky, silly, feisty, and fierce 3 year old on our hands.  She brings us so much joy and we just love her to pieces. 

She loves to make people laugh and telling "jokes" is one of her favorite things right now. 

She is a girly girl just like her sister.  Everything princess and pink and purple.  If it sparkles and shines the better it must be.   Can't wait to take her to Disneyland soon and see her reaction to the princesses there.
We had close friends come over last weekend to celebrate with a fiesta party. 

Happy birthday to our big girl.  No matter how big you get, Hannah Beth, you will always be my baby. 
I love your little bear! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Happy

Six posts today to try and get caught up.  Hoping to really get back in the blog saddle these next few days. 
Happy reading!

We Are The Champions!!

Luke's football team, the Blue Devils, went undefeated 8-0 this season.  They played in tournament last weekend and won both of those game winning the title of Season Champs. 
So exciting to be on a winning team. 
He had some wonderful coaches this year and he really learned alot about the game and his position on defense. 
Way to go, Luke!

A Break from the Everyday...

So, last Thursday, I loaded up the kids after a morning of school for a "surprise" field trip.  We met our dear friends at the base bowling alley for a little math, lunch and a whole lot of fun.  They were so excited.  This day is one of the many reasons I LOVE LOVE LOVE homeschooling.
Luke looks like he is leaning a tad to try and get the ball to go right. So cute.

Hayley and Annaliese

Our resident princess.  She cracks me up wearing this tiara everywhere since Halloween.

Her first time bowling.  Absolutely loved it.  She kept trying to jump in line ahead of everyone and take their turn.

Watching and waiting to see just how many pins fall down.