Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Beach is Calling

We couldn't stay away from the beach for long.  It was calling us and so were our dear friends the Schneiders. Love our days at the beach with them and Hannah even fell in love with their dog, Moses this time!

Baby Boy Turns 12

How is it possible that Luke will be a TEENAGER next year??!!  We celebrated his 12th as a family this year.  Showered him with presents and love and a trip to the base bowling alley.  
Luke, you are such an amazing young man.  Daddy and I love watching you grow and are so proud of all your accomplishments.  You are funny, smart, and the best big brother in the world.
We love you to the moon and back.  
Happy Birthday!

Getting Settled in 29!

Our first month in 29 Palms was crazy fun!  Settling in to our home and meeting so many wonderful people made us feel comfortable right away.  Chris is enjoying every minute of his Command time.  He is surrounded by some amazing Marines and their families have been so gracious and welcoming.  Check out the cookies that sweet Rae Kerrigan gave us to welcome us to 29.  

We have made ourselves a little desert oasis in the back yard and are enjoying every minute even though it is over 100 degrees everyday.  The heat here is no joke!

We found the base library and everyone is thrilled.  Such a quiet house on library days.

Went to dinner at a little diamond in the rough with some fantastic neighbors and new friends.  The people here in the desert make this place home.  Just love them.

Best Birthday EVER!!!!

Holly had been planning this birthday surprise for about 7 months.  When she found out that Matilda was opening their tour in LA, we knew we had to make it happen!!  
We drove out to Santa Monica to stay with Aunt Holly for the weekend.  All 3 kiddos thought that this was Hayley's 10th birthday get away.  Little did they know it was a birthday present for all of them.  We spent our first day down at the beach and playing on the Santa Monica pier.  The next morning at breakfast, Holly gave them their gifts.  Tickets to see Matilda that night and a limo ride into LA!!!  
They were over the moon!  We all had a wonderful time and can't wait until the next Aunt Holly adventure.