Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog Break

Well, we are off to Kure Beach, NC in the morning to spend the week with cousins, aunts, uncles, Grammy and Big Daddy. Then on the 4th of July, we will make our way down to good old GA to stay with Mimi and Papa! I'll be back on the 15th and let you all know how the trip went.

I am counting on another wonderful vacation.
Be back soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's A GIRL!!!!!

Our big 20 week ultrasound was this morning and I can't stop singing praise! Baby girl looked pretty as a picture. Healthy and strong, she will fit right in to our little family. Praise God for a healthy little one and for the joy that she will bring.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

So handsome!

Check out the hair line on these two! I love this picture. Hayley was 10 months old here.

These are three of my favorite pictures of Chris and the kids. The top picture was taken by my friend, Amy Klink, of Paradise Portraits in Jacksonville, NC almost TWO years ago. Chris and the kids are on the front steps and this is about 8 weeks before he deployed for the second seven months to Iraq.
The kids and I are waiting to celebrate Father's Day with Chris when he returns this coming Friday.
I love you so much, Chris. You are such a wonderful Daddy to our children. They light up when you are around and miss you terribly when you are gone. I love how you can make them laugh like no one else. Luke wants to be just like you and Hayley just wants to be your baby girl (that girl has you wrapped around that finger!). Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swim Lessons Part One

Our first round of swim lessons began this week at the Y. Monday was such a success. They both jumped right in and took to the water like little fish. Tuesday arrived and Hayley had changed her mind about being in the water without her beloved swim vest. She cried, protested, cried some more, and would not get back into the water. Wednesday, same song and dance. Luke sweetly tried to cheer her on and encourage his baby sister, but she would have none of it. Fear had taken over and won.
I went home Wednesday and called my BFF from childhood, Mandy. We are so like-minded especially when it comes to raising our kids sometimes it is scary. I wanted to know what I should do to encourage and make Hayley feel more confident about the water. Mandy gave me some great advice about drawing pictures of what Hayley was afraid of (sinking) and then pictures of her swimming on the water with her teacher. Hayley and I sat down and discussed the pictures. She loved being able to point to the pictures and visually see what she was trying to tell me and what I was trying to tell her. I also had resorted to encouragement by giving her a reward (a Barbie) if she got in and tried to swim with her teacher on Thursday.
We left for the pool early on Thursday and I got in the water with Hayley to see if I could ease some of her anxiety. We swam together for about 10 minutes before class and then went to sit on the top step to wait for her teacher. She was reluctant at first, but she got in the water each time it was her turn and did a great job! I was so proud of her. She seemed to feel more at ease and even jumped in the pool to her teacher twice at the end of the lesson. Hooray. Hopefully her confidence will continue to build as she has one more week of lessons starting Monday.
Luke did an awesome job! He really loved learning to float on his back and jumping in the pool at the end of class was his all time favorite.
One more week of lessons, and I will report back with an update.

Too Funny Not to Share

Last night, the kids were finishing up dinner and I was cleaning up the kitchen. The doorbell rang so tried to sneak and see who was at the door. We have two small windows that run along side of our door that sometimes you can see who is there without them seeing you. I was not successful in sneaking, because the salesman from Verizon saw me trying to take a peak. Oh well......

I little side note, the kids and I had been swimming all day and my hair was still wet and I didn't have on any make-up.

Back to the story...I walked up to the side window, didn't open the door, and asked the young man at the door what he needed (he had a Verizon shirt, so I was pretty sure he just wanted to sell me their latest package of phone, Internet, and tv). He proceeded to say, "Umm, well, is your mom or dad there so I can speak with them." WHAT!!! I began laughing out loud and told him that I was indeed the lady of the house, and that we were happy with our bundle from Cox. He looked so embarrassed, said thank you and left.

This pregnant 34 year old lady just had her day made by the man from Verizon.

What a Blast!

Our day at Virginia Beach
Standing by the Georgia sign and state flag
Luke just adores his cousin, Renzy

Two sweet girls, Hayley and Anna

Indian Village at Jamestown Settlement

Our first summertime visitors came to see us this past week. Kim, Chris's sister, cousin Anna, and cousin Renzy. Chris unfortunately was not here due to a last minute work assignment that has him out of the country for another week. We had an absolute ball the entire time they were here and are so glad they were able to come up for a visit.
We swam, went to VA beach, went to the mall, saw the movie "Up", went to Jamestown Settlement, and our biggest adventure was the flat tire on I-64 on the way home from Jamestown. I am so thankful Kim was with me! We had the DOT come and change the tire, drove to Sears for a new one, and then dinner at the Olive Garden while we waited for the tire to be fixed. The kids have been lost for the past few days without their cousins here. We miss you already. Thanks for the fun visit, guys.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Military Wife

Chris is away (very far away) right now on special duty for the Marine Corps. I miss him so much! Thankfully, he will only be gone for two weeks. My friend, Dana, who is an Army Wife, posted this great poem on her blog and I just had to share.

I am so very proud of my Marine and even more proud to be called his wife. I love you so much, Chris.

What is a MILITARY Wife?

They may look different and each is wonderfully unique, but this what they have in common.
Lots of moving---
Moving far from home. Moving two cars, three kids and one dog----all riding with HER of course. Moving sofas to basements because they won't go in THIS house. Moving curtains that won't fit. Moving jobs and certifications and professional development hours. Moving away from friends, moving toward new friends. Moving her most important luggage; her trunkful of memories.

Often waiting-
Waiting, waiting,waiting for housing; waiting for orders; waiting for deployment; waiting for reunion; waiting for phones calls; Waiting for the new curtains to arrive; waiting for him to come home for dinner----AGAIN!

They call her 'military dependent', but she knows better.

She can balance a checkbook. Handle the yard work. Fix a noisy toilet. She is intimately familiar with drywall, anchors, and toggle bolts. She can file the taxes, sell a house, buy a car, or set up a move, -- all with ONE Power of Attorney. She welcomes neighbors that don't welcome her. Reinvents her career with every PCS; locates a house in the desert, the arctic, or the deep south and learns to call them all 'home'.SHE makes them all home. She is fiercely IN-dependent.

Military Wives are somewhat hasty.

They leap into decorating, leadership, volunteering, career alternatives, churches and friendships.They don't have 15 years to get to know people.Their roots are short but flexible.They plant annuals for themselves and perennials for those who come after them.Military Wives quickly learn to value each other. They connect over coffee, rely on the spouse-network and accept offers of friendship and favors and record addresses in pencil.

Military Wives have a common bond.

The Military Wife has a husband unlike other husbands, his commitment is unique. He doesn't have a job, he has a 'mission' he can't just decide to quit. He's on-call for his country 24/7 but for you, he's the most unreliable guy in town!

His language is foreign: TDY, PCS, MOS, FOB, ACU, and so,a Military Wife is a translator for her family and his. She is the long-distance link to keep them informed the glue that holds them together.

A Military Wife has her moments----She wants to wring his neck, dye his uniform pink, and refuse to move to Siberia...

But she pulls herself together. Give her a few days, a travel brochure, a long hot bath, a pledge to the flag, and a wedding picture.

And she goes.
She packs.
She moves.
She follows.

What for?
How come?
You may think it is because she has lost her mind. But actually it is because she has lost her heart. It was stolen from her by a man...
Who puts duty first.
Who longs to deploy.
Who salutes the flag.
And whose boots in the doorway remind her that as long as he is her Military husband, She will remain his Military wife.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bye Bye Cast, HELLO Summer!

The past two weeks have been, hmmmm, I guess interesting. The kids have been out of school and ready to begin summer adventures, but with Luke's arm in a cast most of the outdoor summer fun has been limited. We have done alot of playing pirates, house, Littlest Pet Shop, and camp out (in Luke's room) with some outside play. It just gets so hot and Luke's arm would get so itchy and uncomfortable that we had to take short trips out to play.

Luke and I have been praying each night (as well as many of our family and friends) that God would completely heal his bone and at the four week check the cast could come off for good. We knew they would be removing the cast for more xrays, but there was a chance that we would have to put another one on for a few more weeks. God answered those prayers and the cast came off yesterday morning!!!! We came home, had a snack and changed into our swimsuits. We spent the next 2 hours swimming in the pool! If you are looking for us in the next few weeks we will be at the beach or the pool!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catch Up

Four posts in one day is a little excessive, but I have gotten a little behind. Chris has been traveling alot, so much of the evening duties that we usually split are up to me these days. You think after two back to back 7 month deployments I would be use to this, right? Now that he has been home a full year, I am use to having him around and I miss him terribly when he is gone even if it is only for 3 days. I miss his help, yes, but mostly I miss our time hanging out together after the kids have gone to bed when we can just chat or watch another episode of NCIS or The Mentalist together. I think being 17 weeks pregnant also slows me down a little as well. So, basically, when I have been sitting down to blog I just don't feel like it. I would rather be crawling into bed to take a nap.

Well, I am starting to get a little more energy these days and thought today would be the day to catch up some blogging.

Here is a fun little tid bit! Hayley LOVES chocolate, much like her mama. I went to put some laundry in the dryer while she and Luke were having some ice cream for dessert. Luke, of course had plain vanilla and Hayley had vanilla with chocolate syrup. When I returned from the laundry room, I found Hayley with her head in the bowl licking every bit of chocolate that was left. You gotta love it!

Y'all! It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

SERIOUSLY~ Talk about some comfort food~

Fry it up in a pan!

The pregnancy cravings have definitely set in and I am so glad to be feeling a bit better. I had several ROUGH weeks of nausea, nausea, and yep, more nausea. Well, now that I have turned that corner most food sounds good depending on the day. Some days I have to have Italian food with some good marinara sauce, while other days anything tomato based sounds disgusting. Each day it seems to be something different that I want.
Last week I really wanted some of Mom's homemade fried chicken. I believe I have made fried chicken 4 times since we got married nearly 10 years ago. Each time I want to make it I have to call Mom for the recipe. You think I would write it down. Actually, I believe I did write it down the last time I made it (4 years ago when I was pregnant with Hayley!). It must have gotten lost in the move as all things that go missing do.
I called Mom, got the recipe and made some delicious homemade cream corn to go with my yummy chicken. I also roasted some zucchini with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Folks, after that meal I couldn't move for a good hour, but man, it was sooooo good. Who knows what tomorrow's cravings may bring. Hopefully something a little more figure friendly!

My Little Ballerina

Hayley's last ballet class of the year was a week ago. She did such a great job at parent observation day. She has really come to love dancing and has really improved throughout the year. We registered her for lessons starting in the fall and this time she is in a performing class meaning she will get to be in the end of the year recital. Until then, we will keep practicing our posses, arabesques, and pointed toes!

Pickin Strawberries

When Grammy and Big Daddy were here a few weeks ago, we all went strawberry picking. I have taken the kids on this fun outing since Hayley was 10 months old and Luke was 2 1/2. We have always had such a good time picking strawberries. I remember the first time I took them was with Kelly and her children when we had just moved to North Carolina. I think that Luke and her boys had more berries in their bellies than in their buckets. The red ring around their mouths gave them away!
The day we decided to go the temps were in the 80s. I laugh at how much Luke is like me at times. When we get hot, and I mean really hot, watch out! It is similar to coming in contact with a grizzly bear. Not pleasant at ALL. After we picked berries for about 5 minutes, I could see it all over his face. HE WAS DONE. And, really, I can't blame him. 85 degrees, sun bearing down on him, and he has that HUGE cast on his arm. We quickly finished up, paid for our berries and got some water relief. Note to self, take the kids to pick strawberries in the morning when it is not as hot.