Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Summer Summertime

Where has the past month gone?  I finally feel like I am climbing out from among the overwhelming amount of boxes and into some since of normalcy.  Is that a word, normalcy?  Anyway, we are all getting adjust to life here in SoCal and really really loving it.  The weather is just as great as everyone tells you it is.  Sunny, warm days, and cool evenings!  Perfection.

We had a few bumps in the road the week we unloaded the truck.  Everyone got the dreaded stomach bug so it slowed down the unpacking process quite a bit.  I am loving my new iPhone and take 5 million more pics (ok, maybe only 1 million) now that I have it with me everywhere I go.  Here is a summary of what we have been doing over the past 3 weeks since we arrived in CA. 

Jumping on the trampoline at Auntie Kelly's house.  Can't wait until they get back in town in a few more weeks.

Celebrating my big guy turning 9.  He had the stomach bug on his actually bday (bummer) so we celebrated this past weekend.  Aunt Holly gave both Luke and Hayley season passes to Legoland and we plan on going in the next few weeks to really celebrate!!!

The amazing treehouse at the San Diego Botanical Gardens!  So fun.

Hayley and Hannah making new friends on our street.  We are back on a street with about 30+ kiddos.  Playtime everyday in this beautiful weather.  So thankful.

I actually hung some curtains in our front room which is our office/ living room.  Chris painted this room before our stuff got here.  He did an amazing job. 

This picture is what our drive way looked like on move in day.  A little overwhelming but so glad all our stuff made it to CA.

Chris finally got his new car (well new to him).  He loves it and I love him.  So glad he could get what he wanted after driving his old truck around for many many years!

Please excuse the order of the pictures.  I don't know why they loaded in this order.  Another shot of our office/living room with our new chairs.  Hooray!

Our home!  I took this before we moved in to show that I can actually fit in the garage.  The garage is now filled with boxes and paper.  Hopefully, they will be gone soon.

Taking a break from unpacking at the park right across the street!

Found the Chick-fil-a!  We can stay.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Words Can't Do It Justice...

Our trip across this awesome country of ours was amazing. We had some highs and lows but made the most wonderful memories.

We are in CA and loving the wonderful weather and breath taking scenery. So thankful that God has placed us here for a little while.

Here are some pics from our adventure across the USA.
This picture shows the temp the day we drove through the Mojave Desert. Umm it was HOT!