Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

See You Soon!

The last week in GA, we tried to squeeze in as much family time as possible.  
My BFF from childhood had a girls' dinner over at her house so we could all spend the evening catching up and remembering fun old times.  

Watching Sophia the First at Mimi and Papa's 

Mommy and Luke date night to a bowling alley and arcade

Making grocery lists.  Lots of mac and cheese and fruit on these lists.

Thomas cousin pic

Bummed I don't have more pictures of our trip to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain.  I left my phone/camera in the car!  We had a blast tubing down the hill and playing in the snow.  It was frigid that morning with a high of 20 for the day.  No one seemed to notice the cold too much.  We were having so much fun.
Here are the kids next to the VA marker since it is "home" to all of them (they were all born in VA).  Close to home as you get for a military child :) 

Steele cousins pic

Group hug that turned into "lets all tackle Renzy"

Man, how we miss everyone!  So thankful for the blessed time we had together.

Zoo Atlanta and Stuff

Our second week down in Fayetteville with Grammy and Big Daddy, we took a trip to the Atlanta Zoo.  We have now seen all the pandas in the USA!  National Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Atlanta Zoo. 
I was surprised just how many animals were out and about even in the cold weather.  
These kangaroos were too cute warming themselves in the sun.


Next, we made a trip to the world famous Varsity for lunch while we were in Atlanta.  Everyone discovered that they LOVE onion rings after they ate all of mine.  Hmm.
Nothing like a naked dog walking, rangs, and a frosted orange!
(maybe the heartburn afterward)

Pretty girls waiting for cousin pictures

Aunt Kim brought over this fun edible craft one evening.   Can you tell which one Hannah made?  I like to call it Picasso snowman.