Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Needed An Ark

Hayley was telling us that she felt a rain drop

Trying to catch Luke jumping from log to log

Saturday we ventured out on another first for the Steele family, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I had heard great things about the children's garden there and we thought we would check it out for ourselves. Everything was beautiful and blooming. Lots of butterflies and bumblebees to watch flit from flower to flower. We made our way to the WOW Childrens' Garden where they had a water spray park and several cool areas with mud huts, playgrounds, a cabin, and a garden with actual crops growing like corn and squash. We even saw the beginnings of a pumpkin letting us know that Fall is not too far away.

A good 40 minutes into our adventure, I noticed a dark cloud looming in the distance. Hoping it would blow the other direction, we kept on playing and exploring. The kids then noticed how close the clouds were getting and Hayley said she felt a rain drop. It began sprinkling which was actually a blessing since I was beginning to get hot (and we all know how that turns out)! The rain began to fall steadily, and we thought maybe we should start the 10 minute walk back to the parking lot. As soon as we made the call to walk, the heavens opened up and the skies began to poor! I mean poor! We were soaked to the bone by the time we got to the car. I wish I had taken some pictures of just how wet we were. Quite a funny sight! Next time, I will definitely pack the umbrella or a small john boat so we can just float back to the house.


  1. Oh, Mary! I bet that was an uncomfortable ride home. . . On the bright side, you were not hot, huh?

  2. Oh I remember the HUGE storm that day!!!! I think that was the same day we left our windows up and flooded our car, wasn't it?? :) Isn't the botanical gardens awesome!! Its one of our favorites!! Hey, not that you're in the mood for camping right now, but they do have family campout nights there! :)


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