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Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Today I'm Not Listening...

Today I'm not listening to the "experts" who say don't let your baby fall asleep in a swing, she needs to learn to soothe herself to sleep.

I'm not listening to the "expert" who said to let her cry it out. This Momma has had about all the crying she can take in a 24 hour period.

I'm not listening to those who say holding her too much will spoil her. I don't think I could ever get enough of kissing her sweet cheeks and snuggling her close to me.

What I have learned over my 6 and a half years as a Mommy, is they eventually figure it out. She will sleep through the night at some point. She will fall into a nap routine. Yes, I have to foster these things, but seems to me that the older they get and the consistency in their routine, it all kind of falls into place.

I think I am writing this post to remind myself not to sweat Hannah's cat-napping and nighttime waking. We have made it this far. We are doing what works for our family and this Mommy's sanity.

After going to bed last night at 11:00 (right after Hannah's late night feeding) I was up at 1:10, 2:30, 3:30, 4:15, 5:40 and then up for the day at 7:00am. Hayley and Hannah wanted to see me several times last night, so today I am in survival mode.

Today, the swing maybe my very best friend.


  1. hang in there. Those days seem like forever... Hannah is just beautiful!!!!!

  2. mary!!! i so hear you!!! my baby (almost 22mo) still doesn't sleep through the night. i too, do what i can that gets me by (with somethings) and this is one of them. i still nurse him to sleep (he has no other pacifier but me). it is all about what works for you and your family and well, while those books from the experts have great ideas, in theory, they don't work for everyone. ahhh! motherhood!!! :)


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