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Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 Month Stats

I could just eat her up!!! Don't you love the hair? I put her to bed last night right after her bath, and she woke up with a WILD woman do!
Baby girl turned 9 months old yesterday. I love love love this age!!!! Her little personality is starting to show and she is a silly girl. Loves to laugh and chat up a storm (as long as she knows you). Separation anxiety has set in and no one will do like Mama will do.
At her well check, she tipped the scales at 21 lbs and 3 oz (92%) and she is 28 and 3/4 inches long (91%). She is our sweet BIG girl and I love it!
What are you up to these days, Hannah Beth? are really wanting to figure out this crawling thing. Always on your hands and knees just a rockin. You roll all over the place, in fact I have found you under the sofa a few times! Yikes.
You are so content to sit and play. Whatever you touch goes right into your mouth. You love to click your tongue and babble all the time (dadadad, nananana, mamamama, bubububu). I love our sweet conversations.
You are sleeping great now!!!! Praise the LORD! You take two good naps lasting about and hour and a half to sometimes two hours. One nap is at 9:00am and the other is at 1:30pm. You head up for your bath and stories around 6:00pm or so and are in the bed for the night at 6:30 sleeping until 6:30 in the morning. Woot!
You are loving your baby food now and have tried fruit puffs, cheerios, and peas! You are very good at getting them in your mouth and make funny faces trying to get them down the hatch. You are taking 3 bottles a day (80z each) and you drink a little water from your sippy cup. You cut your first tooth (bottom right) last week and it was a doozy You know how to bring the DRAMA!
I cannot believe we only have 3 months until your Birthday. Oh, time is going way too fast. I love you, Lula Bell!


  1. What a sweet baby girl!!! I love this age too. I cannot believe she is already 9 months. Madison has those pajamas too.. I love them!

  2. She is so precious!! She is growing up too fast!


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