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Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homeschool Check In

I haven't posted how homeschooling is going in a while so here is a little update. 

We are closing in on the last few months before we move (still don't know where to yet!), and I hope to wrap up school the last few weeks of May in order to prep for the big move in June. 

We are all still moving right along and making progress.  Luke has completely mastered his addition and subtraction math facts!  I love Saxon Math and how the curriculum revisits concepts through out the year.  He still LOVES reading and can complete a chapter book in a few hours.  On library day, he runs up to his room with a bagful of books and I won't see him for the rest of the day.  History seems to be what sparks his interest more than anything (like father like son).  We joke that he has a running timeline in his head and once he fills in the date of an event he doesn't forget it.  His memory is pretty amazing. 

Hayley is reading reading reading as well.  She has really improved on her word attack skills and her confidence in her ability.  She is such a creative, outside- the-box thinker.  Something I wish I could do better.  Her drawings and stories are always so entertaining.  I love that she enjoys school so much.  She never complains and gets so excited to learning something new. 

Last week as part of our geography lesson, we built models of  rivers and labeled the different parts using tags:

Luke's model

Hayley's model

Hannah joined in on the action with a little finger painting.  We were mixing yellow and blue to make green.  I thing she loved it!!!


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  1. What a wonderful class you have this year, Mary!


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