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Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Typical Homeschool Day

We are in the middle of week 3 of homeschooling and things are going so well.  The kiddos are adjusting to the new schedule and so is Mommy. Ha!  Don't get me wrong we have had challenging moments (mostly from baby girl getting used to the oldest 2 working instead of playing with her), but all in all our days are full and fun.  Best of all, we are learning and enjoying this new curriculum and new school year. 
Our days begin with choosing a book and reading.  I love to find these two cuddled up and enjoying a good book together. 
We started something new this year, Workboxes.  Or I should say my version of workboxes.  We don't have a huge schoolroom like we did in our house in Stafford, so I decided to come up with a workbox idea that didn't involve a set of draws for each child and I came up with this...
Luke and Hayley each have their own hanging file box.  Each folder (up to 9) has an assignment, game, puzzle, computer assignment, or iPad educational game that they are to complete by the end of the day.  They can work on their boxes anytime I am working one on one with someone or when they have a free moment before I start a lesson.  Each folder contains a Velcro number on the front and they move the number to the front of the box once the work in that folder is complete.   Love this system so far.  Keeps them on track and they love the independence of it all.

Science this year is much more involved with a few days of lessons, notebooking, and then experiments.  Here they are recording some information that they learned about high and low tides and then drawing a picture to label the things they learned. 

Hannah has her own "workboxes" with different activities in each basket.  We are working on her colors (which she has down pat).  She is working on a hide and seek color game that I played with her on this morning.  She loves to go to school and be included too.

Our school room...
It is not huge, but I am so thankful to have a space and so far it works very well. 

These built in shelves are the best.  Only problem is they are already FULL!!! 

Labeling the continents and oceans and placing them in the correct location on their balloon.


One of our favorite days is Tuesday when we have P.E. at the park with the Smiths!!!  I will have to bring my camera along next week.  I love that Kelly and I are able to teach some together and that our kids truly just love one another! 
 So, we are off to a great start!!!  We have several field trips coming up that should be great.  Apple picking and a trip to a nut and pumpkin farm.  Can't wait.

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