Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Quick Post

I wish I had time to write. As I type, Little Miss is waking up from her 30 minute cat nap this morning. We had a great Thanksgiving. Very low key, Aunt Holly was here and Cracker Barrel made dinner!!!! It was great. I am tired but trying to enjoy each little moment. Hannah Beth is a good baby, but we all know how much sleep one gets with a 3 week old. What is so different this time around is still having to get Luke and Hayley to school and everywhere else they need to be, making lunch, doing homework, reading books, playing games as well as walking around with very little sleep. Even though they are 6 and 4, they still need me very much. When Hayley was born, Luke was only 2 and we had no school, no activities we HAD to be going to each week. I could sit in my pjs for days and no one would know.
I may not post again until Hannah is 3 months, but know we are here and in survival mode.

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