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Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, February 21, 2011

On The Street

I wanted to try and capture what most of our afternoons are like (when the weather cooperates) outside with our friends.  We live on a street like the one I lived on growing up.  Our neighbors are more like family than they are friends.  It is such a blast when everyone is outside together just playing like kids should play. 

This past Friday we had a WONDERFUL taste of spring with a high of 82 degrees!  We literally spent from 2:35pm when Luke got off the bus, until 7:30pm outside.  It was heavenly and we all needed the warm sun on our face and the fun laughter that was shared by all "on the street"!

Here are Will and Hayley.  We haven't seen Will out and about in a while due to cold weather.  He and Hayley could be twins, really.  They are about 12 hours apart (and have different Mamas). Will being born  on June 30th and Hayley being born on July1st.  It is so much fun to watch the two of them play.  Hayley was glad to have her friend back outside with her. 

Hayley was enjoying some one on one coaching from Ben, our natural athlete on the street.  He is so patient with Hayley and gave her some great tips on how to dribble correctly.

Trying to get a picture of Kyle, Luke and Alexander (aka The Three Musketeers) is about impossible.  Ben actually got this shot of Kyle and Luke running from the camera.  They all 3 play together so well.  The best of friends.....

    Sue had to bribe Luke and Alexander with candy to pose for these pictures. So I go two pretty good shots of these silly boys!

Sue in her fabulous sunglasses!

                            Renee trying to figure out how to set up a new soccer/hockey goal. 

              The skinniest, palest, boys in America but they sure were happy and enjoying the warm sun!

Oh, how we love life here on Larkspur Lane!


  1. Oh, AND HOW WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ON LARKSPUR LANE!!!! Afternoons are the BEST together!!! You captured it to a perfect "T!"....more like family!

  2. OH what a wonderful blog about wonderful times!!! I'll tell ya...we sure have the life around here...I swear I could not be happier! And that is thanks to our wonderful friends on Larkspur Lane!! Life is good...darn good!! Thank you for such an awesome post of our fun!! :)

  3. BTW...ben is reading this with me and laughing so hard...he loved this post!


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