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Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Budding Engineers

Several weeks ago, the kids were able to test out their building skills in one of our history activities. We were studying the Pilgrims move to Holland and learning about the landscape of this new country.  I just love our curriculum!!!!  This activity is one of many very cool things with get to do with HOD.  It is a very tactile and "do and see" curriculum which helps learning really stick!

They learned all about what canals are and how important the dike built by the ocean was to this little town.  Here are some examples of our very own dikes.

Just about done building...


We placed Monopoly JR. ticket booths on one side of the dike to represent the town and then poured water on the other side to show what would happen when the water would rise...

Looks like we need to make a small repair in the bottom of his dike.

A picture of Hayley's dike after she made some repairs to hers. 

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  1. Hey Mary! Check out my pictures of Kinderdijk Windmill Park under, "European Heritage, Part 1" (I think) on facebook. The kids can see real working windmills from my trip to Holland. in Dutch, Kinderdijk means "Children's dike." It was one of my favorite parts of the trip as we got to bike through the park. It's a really famous park. I think they have a website too. Oh, here it is:
    The photos are stunning! There are also pics in my album of a clog factory where we saw how clogs are made. VERY cool :O) Happy Halloween!


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