Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is It Over Yet?

I just wanted to blink and hopefully the week would be over.  It was a crazy week of sickness.  It all started on Monday night with a trip to the ER for Hayley.  She had woken up for 3 nights crying in pain complaining of her stomach.  She never did get sick, so on night 3 with the tears Chris and I decided we needed to get her checked out.  After hours in the ER, blood was drawn and an ultrasound was done to make sure it was not appendicitis.  All tests came back clear.  And then she got sick.  Really sick.  It was a stomach bug and a really bad one. 
Then Luke woke up the next night with the same bug. 
By Wednesday, I was so tired I could barely see straight.  I bleached every corner of the house and did about a truck load of laundry.  Thursday was our all clear day until Hannah began sneezing.  Then a runny nose which always leads to coughing with her.  I had already started breathing treatments hoping to keep her out of the woods, but it did not work.  I ended up in the ER with her due to major breathing issues on Friday morning around 2:30 am until 7:00am. 

We are all on the mend now.  I have never been more thankful for doctors and the right kinds of meds.
Even in the craziness of this past week, I found some sweet sick day moments. 

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