Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears... OH MY!

We were so happy when Grammy and Big Daddy arrived in CA.  We had been awaiting their arrival for over a month.  One trip postponed and then another trip canceled due to no seats on the plane for standby passengers, we jumped for joy when they finally made it here in January.
We played, went hiking, toured the base, took them to lunch at Ruby's (a MUST visit when you come to see us) in Oceanside, and hit the San Diego Zoo while they were here.

Here we are waiting in line to see the baby panda.  We learned that there are only 12 pandas in the United States and we have seen the ones at the National Zoo and now the San Diego Zoo.  The only other zoo that has pandas is in Atlanta and we intend on seeing those pandas the next visit we take to GA!!

A red panda a.k.a "Master Shifoo" from Kung Fu Panda

Mr. Koala was shy and wouldn't turn around to see me

Huge, sleepy polar bear

There is A LOT of walking at the SD Zoo.  These three thought they would indulge in a foot massage.

Actual face he made when it turned on

She loved it!

This meerkat is so stinkin cute!  Love him.


Another fantastic visit with Grammy and Big Daddy.

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