Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

9 Kids and Counting...

We love The Smiths!!!!!!  They are our Marine Corps family.  And we are so so blessed to have them as neighbors again. 
Chris and I did a date night swap and watched all of their kiddos so Mike and Kelly could have a date night without having to pay a babysitter $$$$.  We played, ate dinner, played some more, popped popcorn, watched a movie and had a good ol slumber party.
Can't wait until they add one more little snuggle bundle to their family this spring/summer. 
These guys are the "littles" ages 6 and under.  Although Sarah is technically a Big Kid now.
I love that we can use our garage as a playroom in the middle of winter.

Sweet Joshua

These boys planned and built an awesome Lego house.  Best friends, Lego's and a sleepover.

Faith and Hayley.  They were out in the backyard searching for "treasure" with Chris's metal detector. 

Can't wait to have them over again.

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