Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Safari Park Part Deux

There's no telling how many posts I will have of our adventures at the SD Safari Park.  I love that we have year passes to the SD Zoo and this awesome park is a part of the zoo.  We went to check out the butterfly house with the Estes family and had a great time.  The house is only open for about 6 weeks in the spring and we went the last week it was open.  Getting there at 8:00 am when it opened was a must since we had heard how crowded it can get even if you wait until 8:30.  All the butterflies were beautiful, but we all agreed that the Blue Morpho was our favorite. 

Seriously, with the face.  We are in TROUBLE!!

Deep in thought

Partners in crime.  They were mesmerized!

Hoping and waiting so patiently for a butterfly to land on their fingers.

Blue Morpho

Had to go on the Safari tram!


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