Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From My Phone

So it seems more and more pictures are taken with my phone these days. I always have it with me and it is easier to pull out and snap a few shots with the phone than my big camera. Anyway, scrolling through I found so many shots that I want documented in our book that are of our everyday life.
So here we go.
Good old fashioned water fight.  Hannah was relentless.  And it was kinda cool outside.  And the water was FREEZING.  Therefore, I chose to hide behind the camera and laugh!
Snack Picnic with the neighborhood gals.  One gal in particular had just gotten up from nap and was needing some space.  They all gladly gave it to her.
My Hayley girl with her Marion's tower after our history lesson about the Revolutionary War
My boy with his tower
Morning tickle fight
Sisters watching a movie on family movie night.  Love this shot.
Olivia Newton John aka Hannah
Family favorite game...Disney Headbands.  Now if Hannah could only grasp the rules that you don't tell who is on the other person's headband. 
Hayley had an awesome week at school in this picture so Chris and I rewarded her great job with a 6 week early birthday present.  She got her ears pierced!!!!  Here she is before...
And after.  We had such an awesome girls' day.  Shopping, giggling, and eating of course.
Two kids in braces OH MY!  And this is only Phase 1!!!!  We get to have more braces with they are a little older. 
Recess in the backyard.  Who gave a sword to the 3 year old???  She knows how to use it.  Ouch.
Sweet girl's morning checklist.
Found this when I went to put something away in her room.
Popsicle kind of afternoon

So there you have it.  A taste of our everyday.

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