Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Heart for Horses

Hayley has talked about riding horses since she was about 4.  She always wanted to go on any pony ride at Fall Festivals or carnivals.  We have read book after book about horses.  She has posters of horses on her wall. 
Chris and I told her that once she turned 8, if she still had and interest in riding we would see about lessons. 
When we moved to CA, our neighborhood on base is literally a stones throw from the base stables.  We drive by them every time we leave the neighborhood.  And baby girl turned 8 this summer.  She couldn't wait to begin lessons.  It was meant to be.
Hayley is a very happy child, but the look of pure joy on her face once she hopped on that horse for the first time was absolutely priceless.  She has found her love and it makes me so happy.

By her second lesson, she had mastered a posting trot and was trotting around the arena like an old pro.  I think something very special has begun. 

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