Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New School Year

Back to school came at just the perfect time for us this year.  We started the Monday after Chris's left, and having the routine to jump into was just exactly what we needed.  First day pictures are a must.  Luke and Hayley were all smiles and excited to begin, but nothing could top Hannah.  She was just so thrilled to be starting "Preschool" that she told just about everyone we met. 


We have added several things into our school days this year.  Luke is trying a new math program that is done completely on the computer.  So far, he is loving the independence and doing very well.  Hoping for the trend to continue.  Our main curriculum is the same, Heart of Dakota!  We just love it.  Luke and Hayley are finishing the 2nd half of Bigger Hearts for His Glory and Hannah is working in Little Hands to Heaven. 
Luke and Hayley are both taking piano this year.  We started lessons this summer and have kept them going every Wednesday morning during school.  They love going and we just adore their teacher.   Hannah and I use the time they are at lessons to do a little learning too.

We are involved in the same co-op that we were in last year, but we will be there for a full day each week.  I am going to be teaching a children's Bible Study for grades 2nd to 4th.  I am so excited about the class.  All 3 kiddos are taking courses to include Bible art, Bible Study, Excellence in Writing,  Ballet for the girls, choir, preschool for Hannah, and Math games for Luke.
Can't wait to watch them learn and grow this year.

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