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Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pacifier is MIA!

Some of you may read this and think, "Why in the world does an almost 3 year old still have a pacifier (aka paci)?" Well, Hayley does or maybe I should say did. This morning when Hayley got up, she came into my room with paci and blanket in tow. The rule since her 1st birthday has been paci stays in the bed and is only allowed to be used while in the bed. I told her to return to her room and put paci back in her bed. She left my room and returned with only blanket so she was allowed to climb in bed and snuggle with me. The morning went on and we got ready for church, ate breakfast, went to church and out to lunch with our friends. We returned home and we were all ready to head upstairs and put on our comfy clothes for an afternoon of naps and playtime. As Hayley climbed into her bed for nap, she turns to me and says, "Where is paci?" I looked at her and asked, "Did you put them back in your bed?" She shrugged her shoulders with a quick little, "I don't know." We spent the next 10 minutes combing the area for paci. Paci was nowhere to be found! I laid her down at 12:45. She screamed and cried and yelled. I finally calmed her down,sang her a few lullabies and said we would look for paci after nap time.
It is now 1:23 and she is still awake talking some and crying at times. Every now and then she whimpers, "Mommy, I need paci." Oh where, oh where has she put paci. Who knows? But I'm actually hoping that we might be able to wean her. I'll keep you updated.

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  1. Wow. My almost three year old JUST had it taken away. Keep us posted. I'll call you tonight.


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