Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a Weekend Part II

We are still catching up on lost sleep from all the fun that we had this past weekend. Not to say there weren't a few "hiccups", but that just makes life more interesting, right? Saturday morning we had every intention of getting up and heading to Busch Gardens for the day. The park offers one free pass per year for any Military Service member and his/her family. We wanted to use our pass before the park closed for the season and before my knee surgery which is scheduled for next Tuesday. Back to our morning.....Chris and I were lying in bed listening to the children play in Luke's room. Only moments before I was going to get up and take them downstairs for breakfast, Hayley rushes down the hall crying and holding her arm!!! Oh great!!! Poor Hayley inherited my loose joints and unfortunately has popped her elbow out about 4 times now (also known as "nursemaids" elbow, don't know why). As soon as she walked in our room, I knew what was going on. Sure enough, Luke had been rescuing Hayley from behind his bed and he was pulling on her arm to set her free. Pulling arm = popped out elbow. Well, there went our plans to go to Busch Gardens. I loaded Hayley up and took her to the ER so that the doctor could x-ray to make sure there was not a break and to put her elbow back in place. After 2 hours, we were on our way home and Hayley was feeling better, although she was still not really using her arm. The doctor said that she was probably sore, and then he proceeded to show me how to put her arm back in place in case it happened again.

When we returned home, I thought that we were going to spend the day around the house since our trip to BG had been canceled. Our neighbors, Dave and Sue, let us know about the free museum weekend and invited us to go with them to the Living Museum in Newport News. Luke and Hayley were beyond thrilled because they have become fast friends with Dave and Sue's children. We had an awesome time with everyone and highly recommend the museum. So many cool hands on activities and of course, animals.

On Sunday, on the way to church, Chris and I started talking about BG again. We decided we would try and go that afternoon. We rushed home after church, changed clothes, and grabbed some lunch for the ride to the park. Because there was a threat of rain, the park was pretty empty. We were able to walk up to most rides and get right on. After hours of walking, riding, eating and shopping, we headed home.
On our ride home, I began thinking about this time last year. Chris was in CA training for his upcoming deployment. He was only home 5 days from CA before he left for Iraq for 7 months. How very thankful I am that he is here with us and that he will be home this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas (first time in two years!). Praise the Lord! We are truly blessed!


  1. When David and I were at Ft. Eustis, we loved that area so much with Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and the Living Museum. And that was before we even had kids! I am so glad that Chris is with y'all. I always think of where we were last year, too. I think I will enjoy that more next year when he is back HOME!

  2. Wasn't it such a great day!! That little precious Haley--I just can't believe that she walked around all day with a disjointed arm!!! She is so wonderful to still have had the amazing happy attitude that she always has...even with a sore arm!! And your B.G. day sounded like so much fun!! The days were there are no lines are heavenly!!!

  3. WOW! What a story! How is Hayley-bug now? I can't believe that!?! Sounds like such a fun, impromptu weekend, minus the trip to the ER.


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