Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Winter Days


Brrrr! Cold weather usually means bundling up and heading outside to play in our coats and hats. Lately, it has been so cold that outside play has been limited to non-exsistant. So we pull out all of our board games and new Christmas toys to play and have a good time while staying warm and toasty inside. We play Batman, Littlest PetShop, and Super Hero. We read books, put together puzzles, play Go Fish and Penginloo. Hullabaloo is an all time favorite with all the jumping, dance, spinning, and laughing that is involved.

We celebrated Chris's birthday this past Friday. The kids really had a good time helping me prepare for the party. They both insisted that I make Chris a Star Wars cake which was a big hit with everyone! We gave him a new flying WWII game for the Wii, but his favorite gift has been the remote control helicopters that his parents gave him. He has gotten very good at flying and controling them. They are pretty cool, except when he does a fly by my head when I am cooking or as he calls it "buzzing the tower"! The kids love to chase them and then Chris will chase the kids with the helicopters. Burns a lot of energy and makes for a lot of laughs.

I do love the cold winter months, but I think I am almost ready for Spring.

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