Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, January 26, 2009

A No TV Day

Chris and I have been battling these two about routine in the morning. The past few weeks one or the other has decided that 5:30 am is a great time to rise and SHINE!!!!!!! The one who is up first (they take turns) then needs company so he/she goes in to the other's bedroom, wakes them up and begins to play, waking everyone up! Not making for happy mornings or happy afternoons! We have been trying to explain that they may not go into each others rooms to wake brother or sister up. They need to stay in their beds until the sun begins to come up (about 6:45) and then they may play quietly in their own rooms until myself or Chris comes in around 7:00 am.
I'm afraid this is a losing battle. They just LOVE each other so darn much that even after many rounds of punishment for disobeying they continue to go into each other's rooms.

Today when our attempt at a quiet morning failed, I took away all TV privileges. Not that they watch a lot of television, but it's a part of their routine which they both enjoy. They watch about 30 minutes in the morning before we leave for school and then 30 minutes to an hour in the afternoon after Hayley wakes up from nap. Well......they were bummed about the decision of no tv this morning, but I'm afraid the consequence has back fired! They have had the greatest time today playing together! Right now they are playing zoo and capturing animals that escape from their cages. They have colored, danced, played with playdoo, played restaurant, made a train village, etc. I must say this has been pure bliss. My heart fills with joy to listen to them play and really love on each other. At one point today, Luke announced that he was going to get Hayley a tissue and wipe her nose for her. Ok, a little gross but so sweet.
Maybe we will have more of these no TV days. The imagination just seems to run wild!


  1. I love it! I hope my girls will play this well together soon.... they do okay as is, but not as good as you've described. It sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. I love days like that. NOTHING makes me happier then when they are playing harmoniously. It makes my heart smile! I know yours was smiling, too!


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