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Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Flip Flops

Hayley talking to the seagulls!

So, it was a week ago today that we were "snowed" in and bundled up due to temps in the teens and twenties. Fast forward five days and we were at the beach! Crazy, yes. Incredible, definitely. The weather was beautiful all weekend long with the high on Saturday at 78 and Sunday at 81 degrees. We packed up the crew Saturday morning and headed to Sandbridge Beach. So much fun to play in the sand and get our feet wet.
My beloved flip flops made their first appearance for 2009. When we lived in Hawaii for a little over 3 years, my feet rarely saw the inside of a shoe. Flip flops and the occasional sandal (at work) were all I wore except when working out. My feet grew to love the constant air and ease to be free of shoes at a moments notice. It was a rude awaking when we moved to Fredericksburg and were dumped on by snow 6 times that first winter!!!! My feet had to learn to be covered and they didn't like it one bit! Every year when I get to break out the slippers (aka, flip flops) I get so excited. My poor toes need some TLC, but never the less, I wear my FF if temps reach above 65. Flip flops are the welcome mat to days at the pool and beach, having watermelon on the front steps, chasing lighting bugs, dinners outside, playing kick the can, going to get ice cream after dinner (no longer in the back of a pick up like I did growing up), and sitting on the porch with Chris sharing a Coke and conversation after the kids have gone to bed. Oh, flip flops, how I have missed you!

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  1. I am with you! That is why I am happy being near Savannah - folks wear them year round. AND I love your slippers reference. My Uncle retired to Hawaii. Once when my teenaged cousin came to visit, she wanted to look at slippers at Target. I took her right to the bedroom slippers, and she died laughing! She is a true Hawaii gal- she meant flip flops!!


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