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Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

End of School Picnics

Playing Chicken Limbo! What a hoot!

Luke and his buddy, Joey

Mrs. Wood and Luke

Wrapping up another wonderful school year. What a blessing their preschool has been. They both bound out of the car with excitement each day and cannot wait to tell me all the fun things they learned when I pick them up at noon.

We went with Luke's class to Triple R Ranch for a picnic for their end of the year celebration. A morning of pony rides, hikes, hay rides, and food. What could be better!! Luke has made some wonderful friends this year, and he LOVES his teacher. Who would have thought that this little man would ever be ok away from his Mommy. Well, he has adjusted well to school and it does my heart good to know he loves learning so much.

Hayley has been a pro from the beginning. Maybe it is a second child thing, but she never shed one tear about having to go to school. She has always been my easy one as far as separation goes. This year was her first school experience, and she has loved every minute of it. Her teacher is wonderful and her class has some adorable little personalities running around. She fits in well. Her picnic was supposed to be at a park, but due to rain, I mean a monsoon, we went back to the school building and had the "picnic" inside her classroom. They all had a ball.

So only two more weeks until summer official begins in the Steele house. Hooray for lazy days at the pool and for an awesome school year completed.

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