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Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pickin Strawberries

When Grammy and Big Daddy were here a few weeks ago, we all went strawberry picking. I have taken the kids on this fun outing since Hayley was 10 months old and Luke was 2 1/2. We have always had such a good time picking strawberries. I remember the first time I took them was with Kelly and her children when we had just moved to North Carolina. I think that Luke and her boys had more berries in their bellies than in their buckets. The red ring around their mouths gave them away!
The day we decided to go the temps were in the 80s. I laugh at how much Luke is like me at times. When we get hot, and I mean really hot, watch out! It is similar to coming in contact with a grizzly bear. Not pleasant at ALL. After we picked berries for about 5 minutes, I could see it all over his face. HE WAS DONE. And, really, I can't blame him. 85 degrees, sun bearing down on him, and he has that HUGE cast on his arm. We quickly finished up, paid for our berries and got some water relief. Note to self, take the kids to pick strawberries in the morning when it is not as hot.

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  1. I think I am like you and Luke! What a fun day!


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