Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Too Funny Not to Share

Last night, the kids were finishing up dinner and I was cleaning up the kitchen. The doorbell rang so tried to sneak and see who was at the door. We have two small windows that run along side of our door that sometimes you can see who is there without them seeing you. I was not successful in sneaking, because the salesman from Verizon saw me trying to take a peak. Oh well......

I little side note, the kids and I had been swimming all day and my hair was still wet and I didn't have on any make-up.

Back to the story...I walked up to the side window, didn't open the door, and asked the young man at the door what he needed (he had a Verizon shirt, so I was pretty sure he just wanted to sell me their latest package of phone, Internet, and tv). He proceeded to say, "Umm, well, is your mom or dad there so I can speak with them." WHAT!!! I began laughing out loud and told him that I was indeed the lady of the house, and that we were happy with our bundle from Cox. He looked so embarrassed, said thank you and left.

This pregnant 34 year old lady just had her day made by the man from Verizon.


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