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Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Celebration Has Come to a Close...Until Next Year

Counting the cake in these pictures, we have had SIX cakes to ring in the 4th and 6th year for Miss Hayley Anne and Master Luke. Forget just a birthday, we have had a birthmonth! They both had a wonderful time at the joint pool party with all of their friends. Now that all the Barbies, Transformers, coloring books, crayons, clothes, boardgames, books, and whathaveya is put away, we are slowing coming down from our month long celebration high.
With about 5 more weeks until school starts, we are looking forward to VBS, more swimming lessons and fun with our friends. I also am beginning to realize that the guestroom is not going to magically transform into a baby's room over the next 3 and a half months, so I guess I should start on that project. Yikes, only 3 and a half months until we have another birthday to celebrate! I can hardly wait (well, let me get the crib set up first, hehe).

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  1. What a neat thing that Luke and Hayley get to celebrate their birthdays together. And I love multiple parties - we always do that, too!! Just because we are military does not mean we can leave out folkd who are far away, right??

    Good luck with your nursery project. That really is one of the most fun parts of getting ready for a new baby. Can't wait to see pictures!!


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