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Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, July 20, 2009

My Big Guy is 6 Today!

July 20, 2003.....The day that made me a MOMMY. Holding you for the first time right after you were born, I knew that God had given us exactly what we had prayed for over the year and a half before you made your arrival into this world. You were perfect.
I cannot believe that you are SIX today. What a blessing you are, sweet boy! Your Daddy and I still cannot get over how much love and joy you bring to this house. You are so very thoughtful and sensitive to others and their needs. Your smile and laughter are contagious. I could sit and listen your giggle for hours. You always know when I need a hug or a sweet word. You brighten my days and make each day NEW for me.
What are you up to as a BIG six year old:
-You are my helper and organizer. You love for everything to have a place and for it to be in its place. You take such pride in making your bed and cleaning up your room.
-You are so super silly. I think we may have a class clown in the making. You love telling knock knock jokes and trying to make everyone laugh. Your laughter is so fantastic. I wish I could carry it with me in my pocket and listen to it when I need a smile.
-Your imagination is your greatest toy. You love to pretend and imagine that you are camping out, going on a safari, being a superhero....the list goes on. I could put you in an empty room and you would make it into something fantastic just by pretending.
-You are the best big brother. You play with Hayley and treat her like a princess. You take turns and play "girl" games with her even though I know you would much rather be playing Batman. You love to make sure she is being looked after and you call her your best friend. I know when your new sister arrives in November, she will look up to you and love you just as Hayley does now.
-You are becoming a man of God. You love to listen to Bible stories and know most of them by heart. You want to share Jesus with others and your sweet smile and kind heart are a reflection of Him daily.
Blessed beyond belief is what I am, big guy! I love you so much and know that your sixth year is going to be great!


  1. It goes by so fast!! I remember bumping into at Gold Rush when both Luke and Emma Kate were tiny newborns in strollers. Happy Birthday, Luke!!


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