Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Celebration Has Come to a Close...Until Next Year

Counting the cake in these pictures, we have had SIX cakes to ring in the 4th and 6th year for Miss Hayley Anne and Master Luke. Forget just a birthday, we have had a birthmonth! They both had a wonderful time at the joint pool party with all of their friends. Now that all the Barbies, Transformers, coloring books, crayons, clothes, boardgames, books, and whathaveya is put away, we are slowing coming down from our month long celebration high.
With about 5 more weeks until school starts, we are looking forward to VBS, more swimming lessons and fun with our friends. I also am beginning to realize that the guestroom is not going to magically transform into a baby's room over the next 3 and a half months, so I guess I should start on that project. Yikes, only 3 and a half months until we have another birthday to celebrate! I can hardly wait (well, let me get the crib set up first, hehe).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun in Atlanta

5th cousins from Rome, GA

Greg, Sandy and Tori Wills. Sandy is a great friend that I taught with in Hawaii. They were visiting Atlanta the same time we were there.

Aunt Holly and Hayley

Uncle Philip and Luke

Yummy cupcake doggies for their birthdays!

Aunt Ansley...Hayley's swimming buddy!

I wore this very dress and bonnet that Mom made when I was 4!

We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family in Atlanta. Mimi and Papa just had some MAJOR repairs done to their pool, so we spent a good portion of our time swimming. My July babies always celebrate their birthdays while we are in Atlanta which is always fun. Lots of cake and presents the entire week. Mimi and Papa always know how to roll out the red carpet for us.
I finally feel like I am catching up here at home. Most of this week has been spent running errands getting ready for our joint 4th and 6th birthday pool party that we are having here at the house tomorrow. Off to fold more clothes and clean the house......

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Big Guy is 6 Today!

July 20, 2003.....The day that made me a MOMMY. Holding you for the first time right after you were born, I knew that God had given us exactly what we had prayed for over the year and a half before you made your arrival into this world. You were perfect.
I cannot believe that you are SIX today. What a blessing you are, sweet boy! Your Daddy and I still cannot get over how much love and joy you bring to this house. You are so very thoughtful and sensitive to others and their needs. Your smile and laughter are contagious. I could sit and listen your giggle for hours. You always know when I need a hug or a sweet word. You brighten my days and make each day NEW for me.
What are you up to as a BIG six year old:
-You are my helper and organizer. You love for everything to have a place and for it to be in its place. You take such pride in making your bed and cleaning up your room.
-You are so super silly. I think we may have a class clown in the making. You love telling knock knock jokes and trying to make everyone laugh. Your laughter is so fantastic. I wish I could carry it with me in my pocket and listen to it when I need a smile.
-Your imagination is your greatest toy. You love to pretend and imagine that you are camping out, going on a safari, being a superhero....the list goes on. I could put you in an empty room and you would make it into something fantastic just by pretending.
-You are the best big brother. You play with Hayley and treat her like a princess. You take turns and play "girl" games with her even though I know you would much rather be playing Batman. You love to make sure she is being looked after and you call her your best friend. I know when your new sister arrives in November, she will look up to you and love you just as Hayley does now.
-You are becoming a man of God. You love to listen to Bible stories and know most of them by heart. You want to share Jesus with others and your sweet smile and kind heart are a reflection of Him daily.
Blessed beyond belief is what I am, big guy! I love you so much and know that your sixth year is going to be great!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Hayley Anne

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday
4th Birthday

My big four year old girl! FOUR seems so big and grown up but you will always be my Peanut no matter how big you get.
I will never forget the day the DR told us we were going to have a GIRL. Your Daddy didn't know what to say or think. After 45 minutes of silence he let me know that you would not be allowed to date until you were at least 18!! Boy, do you have him wrapped around that finger of yours.
I love you so much and am so very thankful for the joy you bring to this family. Let me list all the things you are up to as a four year old.
- You love to play with dolls. Right now Barbie is your favorite. You take such care with all of your babies and stuffed animals it shows what a big heart you have.
-You are becoming quite the artist. You will sit and color and draw pictures for over an hour. You work so hard to make every detail just right and use so many beautiful bright colors.
-You are becoming very independent. " I can do it myself," is heard about 50 times a day in the house. You love to help cook and clean. You make your bed each morning and get dressed all on your own.
- You have quite a sense for fashion. Our opinions sometimes differ on what you should wear each day, but we seem to compromise well. You love polka dots, anything that sparkles, purses, and shoes!!!!! My, how you love shoes.
-You and your brother are two peas in a pod. You two love to make up games together like Ducky Pond Playdate or Camp Out. Your imaginations take you anywhere and I love to listen to you two playing and loving each other. I pray that you two will always be the best of friends.
-You love ballet and school and cannot wait to start back to both in the fall.
I love you my four year old, Peanut. Can't wait to see what your next year will bring!!!

Kure Beach 2009

What a great time we had at the beach. The weather was gorgeous the entire time we were there. The water was wonderfully warm and fun times were had by all!
This year was the third in a row that we have been able to spend the week with the Steele side of the family at Kure Beach. The cousins all play so well together and all the grown ups actually get to relax and catch up. We missed having Kim (Chris's sister), Scott, Anna, and Renzy this time. Anna was away at camp and Scott and Renzy had planned a camping trip the same week before we booked the trip.
Our days consisted of breakfast, pool, lunch, beach, dinner and bed. I actually got to read most of a book while I was there.
Quick funny story from the beach:
Hayley and Luke were in the same room sharing a double bed. They LOVE when they get to sleep together. Such a treat. When we had put them to bed the first night, we told them that they could talk for a few minutes together before we turned the lights out and it was time for sleep. Well, they talked and giggled for a 5 minutes or so and then we kissed them goodnight and turned out the lights. Chris had told them that if they continued to play and talk after lights out that we would separate them and put Hayley in our bed so they could fall asleep.
Of course the giggling continued so we had to put Hayley in our bed. Chris would move her back to Luke's bed each night when we went to bed.
The fifth night we were at the beach, I was tucking Hayley in bed and she got very serious with me. "Mommy, I have a question for you. Each night I close my eyes and then when I wake up in the morning I am in LUKE'S BED! How is that happening? I think it might be magic!" I then realized we never told her that Chris would be moving her back to the room that she shared with Luke! TOO CUTE! I told her that Daddy had been putting her in Luke's bed each night and she looked relieved and a little sad that the magic had not been real. I will never forget our little conversation and how much joy that little face can bring!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

My baby girl is FOUR years old today. So hard to believe and then you sit down and talk with her and you might think she is thirteen! I will have to write a sweet note to Hayley Anne when I don't have salt water brain. I swear the beach relaxes me so much all I can do is eat, sleep, and play!
I love you so much, Peanut. You are such a light to each of my days. God definitely broke the mold when he made you and Daddy and I couldn't be more blessed to call you our own! XOXOXOXXO