Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


NO! We are not pregnant again (ha)! I'm sure some of you were wondering........

Chris has been working CRAZY hours the past few months and we haven't had a lot of family time. So, he took leave last Thursday and Friday so that we could have a mini "vacation". On Thursday, Chris and I took a walk with Hannah Beth down to the Starbucks on the corner while Luke and Hayley were at school. We spent the rest of the day playing Scrabble Junior, puzzles, and having a nice dinner as a family. Lots and lots of giggling!

We decided to take the kids to Busch Gardens on Friday for some unexpected fun. Luke and Hayley went to school that day just like they usually do. We didn't tell them we were going to be picking them up early that day. When we had them all buckled up and ready to go, Chris told them we were not going home. They looked a little confused. They both guessed we were going to the airport to pick up a visitor. After telling them we were headed to Busch Gardens, they both nearly hit the roof they were so excited.

The weather could not have been more beautiful and the crowds were so small. We walked up and got on pretty much every ride. The Fun Forest with all the Sesame Street characters was a huge hit. Hayley even dared to go on the log ride with me. She was so brave, but nearly broke skin clutching my arm so tight as we dropped down the big hill. Luke couldn't get enough of the Grover roller coaster. And Hannah Beth was such a little trooper! She just hung out in the stroller, napped, played in my lap for a bit at snack and meal time, and was soooo GOOD! Poor thing didn't get in one picture. To tell you the truth, I didn't take very many pictures. I was trying to just enjoy being there all together.

Chris took the cover off of the pool on Saturday, only to find that the cover had a hole in it and we had suctioned out most of the pool water when we would pump the water off the top during the winter. The water was nasty green, but Chris worked so hard cleaning and getting everything back to where it should be. The pool is full again, and pretty blue. It just needs a good vacuuming and we will be ready some 80/90 degree swimming weather.


  1. How much FUN!!!!!!! sounds like the perfect weekend for your little family. hope the weather warms up so you can use your pool soon! JP

  2. Mary, I'm SOO glad that ya'll had such a great time at BG!!!! I wish I had been there to see Luke & Haley's faces when you told them...I can imagine that they were SOOOO excited!! That's the BEST!!! And as far as the pool....sigh....come on super warm days!!! We're ready!! :) I'm sure we'll see you out tomorrow! :)


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