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Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Who Knew He Could Sit So Still

Luke was born a mover and a shaker. When he was 1, he would jump so high in his crib I was afraid he would flip himself out onto the floor. At 2, he would jump for an entire 20 minute episode of The Wiggles NON-STOP. At times I still see him hop as his main mode of transportation. I can barely get a kiss or hug in before he is off and running. I don't think he knows what walking is because he is always RUNNING (I just heard the voice of Forest Gump when I typed running!).
Mimi and Papa bought him a few sets of Toy Story 3 Legos for his upcoming birthday. He has had sets of Lego in the past, but these new ones lit a spark that is now blazing!!!! He and Papa worked so hard for two days putting together Buzz's Spaceship and the car in the picture above. Mimi also ordered him the Lego magazine in which he now spend hours reading and looking at all the cool Legos. So here's to the inventor of Legos. Thank you for helping to teach Luke what sitting still looks like!

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  1. What an awesome activity for Luke to spend time with his granddaddy! Yay Legos!


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