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Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poor Little Ladybug

We don't do scary.  For us, Halloween is all about a fun costume and CANDY.  Oh, and carving pumpkins. 

We got our ladybug, Betsy Ross, and Green Lantern all dressed up and ready to go last night and then it happened.  The fine line between fantasy and reality was not drawn for our almost 2 year old

Notice how happy she is in these pictures where she cannot see what her brother has on his face.  A mask is all it took to turn our happy little bug into...

A very sad and scared ladybug!  All she kept screaming and crying was, "I scared.  I SCARED!"

Luke and his tender heart felt so bad.  We tried to tell him it wasn't his fault and explained to him that he reacted the same way to anyone dressed up when he was two.  He still felt bad and we almost had two children reduced to tears in a matter of minutes.  Luke took off the mask until we were ready to go, and we did not torture Hannah bug and make her walk around with us.  You should have seen all the horrible, scary masks that were out trick or treating last night.  Again, we don't do scary.

L and H don't have the trick or treat stamina that I once had as a child.  I would walk until I was either frozen or my feet hurt for just one more piece of candy. 
Both kiddos asked to return home after about a street and a half of knocking on doors. 
They REALLY don't do scary and avoided many houses due to creepy music, lights and displays.
They are definitely related to me.
Everyone made out well with loads of candy.
Poor little ladybug went to bed with none. 
We did save her a lollipop.

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