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Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lego Maniac

Happy New Year!!!!  We have hunkered down this past week and jumped right back into reality.  Was it fun?  Not really.  I think we all wished that we had one more week of vacation, but I really don't want to be teaching school into July!  But, we did survive our first week back to school and I tweaked our schedule a little bit and seems that everyone is much happier with the adjustment.  And by everyone, I mean the littlest Steele. 

Now, onto the Legos...
We entered the world of Legos hard core around Luke's 7th birthday.  He and I worked endless hours together on many fun Toy Story 3 Lego sets that he received for his birthday that summer.  The true love of Legos was officially born and he has spent most of his gift cards and fun money on Lego sets.  Now a year and a half later, he doesn't so much need my help anymore (tear).  He is pretty much a master at his craft.  And folks, some of these Lego sets come with instructions books thicker than most novels and with over 1,500 tiny, microscopic pieces. 

Luke got 6 huge Lego sets for Christmas.  He has completed 4 of them.  An Ewok village, a space station, and a fire station ( I think the fire station alone had over 1,000 pieces).  But here is his masterpiece.

The Millennium Falcon

I love this boy! And he loves his Legos.

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