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Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Worth Every Penny

So I went and bought 3 snow bibs, 3 pairs of snow gloves, hats, two sleds and extra warm socks.
Santa, such a smart one, brought 3 pairs of snow boots all in anticipation of our winter in Quantico. 

When we moved here for the first time back in 2002, all 3 winters we were here we got a good amount of snow.  The first winter I believe we got at least 4 really good snows.  The kind of snow that you have to shovel because it doesn't melt away in a day or two like in good old GA where I grew up.

Well, no big snows yet this year, but we did see snow last week.  And you better believe I suited everyone up and put them out in the white stuff for the 30 minutes of daylight we had left in the day.  I don't think we had but 1 inch of snow, but they had a ball. 

It was so pretty as it started to fall...

 All ready to go.  They all remind me of the kid in A Christmas Story...

"I can't put my arms down!"   Ha!

Here's to hoping we get to use our snow gear MANY times this winter.

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