Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, February 10, 2012


Time again to download some of the fun things from January and February that are on my phone.  So here are some random things for you to enjoy...

So proud of Luke and Hayley for receiving Clubber of the Quarter at AWANA!  This year is the first for them to participate in AWANA and they are doing such a fantastic job. 

Hayley received a medal at gymnastics for her achievements so far this year. 

Luke and I had a special date to the Lego store.  This boy was in heaven.  He had $15 to spend for himself and he spent $10 of his money on his sisters and $5 for himself.  His heart and thoughtfulness amaze me.  Such a sweet boy.

Luke standing next to the Lego Star Wars Death Star.  A dream come true!

Hayley asked me to take a picture of her pizza she ordered for lunch one day when we went to downtown Fredericksburg to eat.  She ordered the smiley face pizza.
I think she got the scary face pizza.

Homeschool Lesson #37.  When all else fails, give the two year old some stickers and let her go to town.  Unfortunately, poor Ruby was a victim to her stickerness this day.


  1. Mary, I know I have heard of Awana but donT remember...

    1. AWANA is a club similar to Girl or Boy Scouts but it is Bible based. The children have Bible Stories to read each week and scriptures to memorize and recite to their leaders each week at club. They earn patches and badges for their work. I am leading the 3 and 4 year olds this year and Luke and Hayley are attending. They offer the club at churches everywhere. We love it!


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