Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Unexpected

Thankfully, my husband is spontaneous.  He doesn't have to plan for weeks and months like I do before we go on an excursion.  He does some research the night before (sometimes the morning of) and we are off. 
This past week, his school schedule allowed for Wednesday off.  He came home and told me on Tuesday night.  "Let's go do something," says Chris.  I, of course, starting thinking, "but we have Bible Study, school, and Hayley has dance."  But then I remember that this wonderful school schedule that Chris has will soon be replaced with a job that takes him to work from 5:00am to 10:00pm most days and then away for a 7 month deployment.  So, the other "stuff" can wait until Thursday.  And we loaded up and headed out Wednesday morning.

Up the road just a few hours, and we were in PA at Liberty Mountain Resort where we did this:

We had a blast!!!!  The weather was beautiful and actually warm.  I could have stayed all day and gone down that hill a thousand times, but after an hour we headed out and drove over to Gettysburg to see the museum and tour the battlefield.

Luke read the entrie Gettysburg Address outloud to us.  Very cool stuff.

What an awesome, spontaneous, fun family outing!!!  I love my husband and how he balances me out. 


  1. looks like they had a good time!! is wonderful be off the routine!

  2. I love that part of the country, Mary. What a fun way to spend the day together!


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