Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Preparing for Easter Part 1

We have had such a wonderful time this week just quieting our days and focusing on the celebration of our Risen Saviour, Jesus. 

For the past two weeks we have been using the Resurrection Eggs as a daily devotional so that our focus can be on what it is that Jesus did for us that day on the cross.  I have been so thankful for this precious time together with the kids.  So exciting to read with them from the Bible and retrace the steps that Jesus took, the pain and suffering He went through for us, and then His ultimate victory over the tomb, death, sin.  He is Alive!!!!!  And in His victory, we are free!!!

Our memory verse this week came from Luke 24: 5-6

"Then the men asked, 'Why are you looking in a tomb for someone who is alive?  He isn't here!  He has risen from the dead!'"

The Resurrection Eggs take you through the story of that very first Easter, starting with Palm Sunday.

Each egg has a symbol from the story.  The set comes with a devotion book that ties in the Scripture and an explantion for each of the eggs.

Day 1

The donkey that Jesus rode into Jerursalem.

Day 6
The crown of thorns that the soliders put on Jesus' head to mock him and harm him.

Day 12

The empty egg that represents the empty tomb!

I found a great recipe for Resurrection Rolls that were so easy and so effective in showing a concrete example of Jesus' resurrection.

The dough represents the linen cloth that Jesus was wrapped in and then placed in the tomb

We used marshmallows as Jesus' body and wrapped them in the dough.

We then dipped the rolls in butter to represent the oils used and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar as the spices.

We placed the rolls in the "tomb" or oven and after 3 days (or 13 minutes)  we took them out of the tomb.  Once we broke apart the roll, we found NOTHING.  Just as Jesus was no longer in the tomb, the marshmallows were gone.  Love it!

I love Luke's face in this picture.  Maybe that is the face that Mary made when the angel appeared and told her the good news.

Such a great illustration and they were also very yummy. 

Part 2 will go over our Easter Lapbook based on the story "The Legend of the Easter Egg".
Stay tuned.....

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