Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

Our last Christmas here at Camp Pendleton was just amazing.  Of course, having Chris home this year made it exceptional.  We tried really hard to truly focus on the meaning of Christ's birth, and really prepare our hearts and minds for celebrating the greatest Gift ever given which is Jesus.  We spent one morning with friends from Co-op singing Christmas Carols for an assisted living home.  Watching the joy in their faces as we sang and then stayed to chat with everyone went the singing was done is a memory I will not forget.  

Grammy and Big Daddy came to spend the week before Christmas with us.  Grammy took the girls shopping one day and treated everyone to lunch at Ruby's

We spent one evening at the San Diego Botanical Gardens Nights of Lights.  We roasted marshmallows, drank hot chocolate and took in the beautiful sights.  

One more visit to the Safari Park before we head out of town.  

Luke and Hayley are loving the new digital piano that Grammy and Big Daddy gave them for Christmas.  Hannah will begin lessons in a another year or so and enjoy it then too.

Christmas Eve

Hannah fractured her shoulder on Christmas Day while jumping on the trampoline at the Smiths house.  She was such a trooper.  I felt so badly that she couldn't ride her new bike she got Christmas morning for 6 weeks.

Aunt Holly came in town a few days after Christmas.  We shopped, went bowling and to see the movie Big Hero 6 while she was here.  

Just like we like it.  A nice quiet New Years Eve to reflect on the year that God has blessed us with and looking forward to BIG things to come in 2015!

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