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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gaggle of Girls

When we lived in Chesapeake, VA, our street was a little boys haven!  About 14 boys ages 14 and under played all afternoon, every afternoon out on the street.  Hayley and Hannah were two of three girls that lived on the street.  They loved playing will all the boys, but longed for some girlfriends to live close by.
Fast forward to our time here in California, and God has truly blessed us with a bunch of precious girlfriends.  Every afternoon, you could find this group on the street playing mermaids, house, school, Littlest Pet Shop, fairies or horses.  
The hardest part of our Marine Corps life is having to say our see you laters.  We decided to all go and paint pottery together where all the girls could sign each others' plates as a little reminder to take with them.
And of course I didn't mind one bit hanging our with these little ladies' Moms!  They have become such dear, precious friends to me.  I just love them and all and the chats, coffee, laughter and tears shared over the past 3 years.  
Thankful for God always being faithful in supplying us with just the right friends every season of life.

The Zarnecki girls

The Reynolds girls

Hayley and her twin, Elena



Apparently only Laurel and I got the memo on silly faces!

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