Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, June 12, 2015

May Whirlwind

Here are just a few of the fun moments in May.  Luke had Jack over for one last sleepover before we move.  So thankful for the friend Jack has been to Luke.  

Some of the Smiths came over for the evening and I found them all in the middle of art class.

Mother's Day

Hayley's last swim practice.  It has been a great joy to watch her swim this year.  
She has improved so much and really enjoys every minute.

Hayley's friend, Elena came for a sleepover.  I find it crazy that Luke's BFF and Hayley's BFF here in CA look like twins!  

Going away beach bash for the Smiths 

Our sweet babysitter, Maddy, invited us to come and see her high school production of Oklahoma.  

Another playdate at Alga Norte pool in Carlsbad 

with a trip to the Baked Bear after swimming.  You build your own ice cream sandwich and it was amazing!!

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