Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Think They Like Her

When we found out we were expecting Hannah Beth, I tried to come up with a fun way to tell the kids. I had grand ideas of them opening little presents that would be from their soon to be baby sister/brother. I thought about coming home with a bouquet of pink and blue balloons to share the news with them. And then morning sickness hit with no mercy and we had to tell them why Mommy was not feeling well ALL THE TIME!
They were both very excited and wanted to know if he/she was coming tomorrow. The whole "we have to wait 9 months" concept didn't really click. We measured time with holidays, and they began to understand a little better. "The baby is coming after Halloween (please Lord, not on Halloween) but before Thanksgiving (oh please, don't let me be 2 weeks over due, Lord)," were phrases heard in our house from April until Hannah Beth arrived on November 10th!
I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I would get from them because it had been just the two of them for nearly four and a half years. They are buddies, best friends, and someone coming in and disturbing their "thing" and also taking time from Mommy and Daddy was going to rock their little world a bit. I was more concerned about Hayley than Luke. Luke was still going to be the only boy, but Hayley was about to have share her princess title and I wasn't sure she was going to handle it well. She surprised us all with an amazing heart for her baby sister and how helpful she was with Hannah.
Both Luke and Hayley, have been the best helpers. They play with her, sing to her, read to her, have contests to see who can make her laugh more, and just plain LOVE her. Hannah Beth is one lucky girl to have such an amazing big brother and big sister.

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