Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Daddy of the Year

Chris and I met when I was 20 and he was 22.  I knew in a few short dates that he was the one.  God had His Hand on our relationship from the very beginning and continues to bless us in so many ways.  Each time I learned something new about him like when I met his parents and siblings for the first time or met his childhood friends and their parents, God provided more details of this man I was falling in love with and only confirmed further than he was most definitely the ONE.

He is truly my best friend.  I couldn't imagine life without him. 

When we were a young, newly married couple, I used to daydream about what our family would look like.  I thought I would be a Mommy to a house full of boys (God had other ideas and I couldn't be happier with His plan).  I would imagine what kind of Daddy Chris would be and he has far exceeded any thought I had before our babies were born.  He is hands on with them.  He loves and protects them.  He teaches them, molds them and shows them what it is to be a Man of God.  I love him more and more each day as I watch him with our children.  I am so blessed.

But why does he get Daddy of the year?  He PLAYS with them.  Hide and seek, kick the can, soccer, baseball, kickball, Nerf tag, red light/green light.....the list goes on.  He takes them on scavenger hunts, hikes through the woods, fishing, ands bike rides.  They go to the beach, the get the idea.

Last weekend, he went over the top (in a good way).  He set up a zip line in the yard!  Not only did our children enjoy the fruits of his labor but the whole neighborhood got to enjoy some fun.  I leave you with....
The Zip Line......

Line to take a ride

Yep, Daddy of the Year for sure!

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  1. He has always been a good man. From day one that I met him. AND, he is just as lucky to have you.


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